These are pages of a man, who sometimes feels like a woman ...

Hi. These are pages of one boy, who feels also as a woman time to time. From now on I will be only a woman here.

Why these pages grew up? During the searching of who am I, what am I, why's that so, what can I do with it, should I even do something with it, I realized, I need to share my feelings, that I need to tell to whole world, "I'm here, this is me and I don't shame of what I am".

Some tima ago I had bad feelings, like I'm bad person, or I do something wrong (most of you, you know what I'm talking about), but as the time went I realized, I am what I am and nothing can't change it. After some time I also realized, that it's not "wrong" or "bad", it's just "different".

I thought, most people are thinking about us, that we're disgusting. But I was wrong. I found out, it's other way around, most people don't care. And Me personally I have mostly good experience with people. Vicious reactions on me and us we can expect from people, who want to visualize between friends. In case these people are alone, they don't react at all. The important thing is to ignore these people.

Simply I'm satisfied with myself and I'm glad, I live in these times, where I can do anything I want to, I can be anyone I want to and I musn't be scared.

I hope, you will enjoy my webpage...

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 24.3.2012 - New galleries

It looks like, it's going to be a rule, that I add new galleries every two years. I should do something with me...

So today there are 10 new galleries, in total 199 pictures.

I don't have too much energy to write here the stories, so check it for yourself what happened :) Paula


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